·      Meet in a public place.

Do not send customers to your home or go to sellers home unless you know them personally.

·      If you must meet in a home, bring a friend

When it comes to buying or selling large furniture, the transaction has to happen at home.

In the instance where someone will have to come into your home to look at or buy an item, first make sure someone else is there with you. The more people the merrier. Before giving them your address, it’s a good idea to chat on the phone. You can learn a lot from a verbal conversation and let your instincts go to work. If possible, have the item ready by the front door.

In the case that you must enter someone else’s home to make a purchase, take the same precautions. Make sure you bring a friend or family member along. Request that the item be ready for you at the door.

  • Always have a phone

Whether meeting up to buy or meeting up to sell, always have your phone on you. Text a friend your plans and tell them you’ll text them as soon as the transaction is complete. Call somebody and have them on speaker phone if that makes you feel more comfortable.

  • Set up your phone to track your location to friends and family.

You can put your smartphone’s location tracking to good use by sending a close friend or family member your location. Friends can also track your location using apps like Find My Friends. It’s super handy to have, and in cases where you’re meeting up with a stranger to buy or sell, it can offer peace of mind.

·      Bring only the agreed-upon cash.

Bring only the agreed-upon cash or even handle the transaction at a bank or the person can pay via zelle or cash app, check your account to make sure the money is there before releasing the item.

·      Do the transaction in daylight hours.

Always carry out your transactions in the daytime, never at night. Even if schedules must be switched around or it’s inconvenient, make sure to meet during the day unless your personally know the person you are dealing with.

·    Don’t give out personal information.

Never, ever give a stranger personal information like your social security number, unnecessary addresses, or bank information. If they ask, that’s a big red flag that you might not want to do business with this person.

·      Listen to your instincts.

If something feels off, listen to your gut. Twenty bucks, fifty bucks, even a thousand bucks isn’t worth risking your safety. God gave you good instincts—trust them.

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